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  • Say Henlo: Who doesn’t want a dose of cuteness? We would love to say hi to your pets! Drop a few lines or share their cute pictures with us, we cannot wait to see them
  • Community Welfare: WAGR reserves the right to delete posts, and remove community members as deemed fit for the welfare of the community without prior notice given to the users.
  • No donation Posts: Wagr does not encourage donation posts unless we personally know you and your credentials
  • Non-pet related posts: This is a pet parent community, all we want to see is conversation only around pets and pet parents. Kindly do not share other information on the channel
  • No selling: No selling or promoting of any animal will be encouraged in the community. You are free to reach out to people on DMs and take any such conversations further.
  • Promotional material: Online community messages should not contain promotional material, special offers, job offers, or product announcements. We all know what are we looking for, the aim is to make this space where you can talk about your pets and related information only.
  • Medical Advice: No medical advice or medicines without prior experience should be posted or promoted on the channel. Because what are experts for? Any queries that require medication will only be handled by our vet consults and not any other person.
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